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Like the rest of the Mott Gas Shield line, Defender POU filters offer the high strength, long life, and quality inherent in Mott's all-metal construction – which provides true 9-log filtration. But what makes the Defender series unique is its exceptionally low delta-P in an all-metal design. At a rated flow of 50 slpm, the Defender achieves a differential pressure of less than 4 PSID.


Fairchild manufactures a complete line of precision pneumatic regulators including positive pressure, back pressure and vacuum models. The Model M4100 Pneumatic Precision Regulator is a no bleed design regulator that precisely controls a set pressure. Fairchild's large selection of pressure ranges and flow capacities lets you select the models that meet your needs for instrument or general industrial control applications.


At Valin, we know heat. We have worked on the toughest applications in the industry and have over 200 years of process heating experience in our knowledge center. Valin enhances throughput and profitability by expertly sizing your heater and matching it with an appropriate control scheme. We can heat air, liquids, or solids. Skid systems are our specialty, and our in-house engineering team can size a pump, specify the right valves and instrumentation, and create an entire customer-designed skid ideal for your application.


Throughout the aviation industry (among others), Skydrol is a commonly-used hydraulic fluid.  It’s unique chemical makeup provides that Skydrol is a phosphate ester that curbs corrosion and prevents erosion to various components. Converting components to be suitable for use with Skydrol is a process that needs to occur in order to protect the integrity and safety of the entire system.