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With ActiveCockpit for production you have all the relevant data directly on the line. As an interactive communication platform, ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes production data in real time. It networks IT applications such as production planning, quality data management and e-mailing with the software functionality of machines and plants which is the base information for decisions and process improvements.


Though the lines can often be blurred, robotics and motion control are not the same thing. They are closely related in many ways, but robots lean towards more “pre-engineered” solutions while motion control leans towards more modular solutions. Before deciding to install a robot or motion control component, there are ten questions to ask yourself.


Watlow’s OPTIMAX is smaller and lighter than traditional heat exchangers and can help reduce the overall footprint by almost 50 percent. Although the size and weight are less, users will realize improved heat transfer efficiency and world-class pressure drop performance.


Heat Trace and Electric Process Heaters are used in many critical processes in all plants. It is extremely important that you and your team know how to properly test, install and maintain your electric heaters. Lack of attention in regard to these fundamentals will lead to costly heater shutdown and will cause an interruption in your process.