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Valve sizing and proper application of control valves have always gone hand-in-hand. However, the tools available to valve users have changed and improved significantly over time. With industry processes constantly evolving, the tools to maintain and control those processes will continue to evolve as well.


The use of electric servo technology has expanded rapidly into applications that have traditionally been deprived of the benefits of high-performance motion control.  This includes applications involving harsh environments, high torque-to-volume ratios, or sometimes both. Many different processes and environments with extreme conditions can greatly benefit from servo technology.


Despite the demand for standardized communication protocols, manufacturers and end users face challenges when it comes to agreeing on a path. Customers are looking for their suppliers to become partners who help improve their processes, standardize communications protocols, and drive their profitability. Universal language protocols may reduce process control building-block variable risk and increase process throughput.


It’s easy to forget about spares sitting on the shelves when systems are running smoothly and there’s no need for them. This could be a costly mistake, however, when a drive goes down and the next in line has been sitting untouched in the same spot for more than a year. To keep spares useful and running for years, proper planning, maintenance, and storage are vital.