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Having issues finding a reliable heating solution for extreme heat testing? Need access to knowledgeable technical specialists to design a custom heating system? Click on the button below to learn how Valin's solution to a high temperature application allowed our customer to do the proper heat testing on the valves used on major aircraft engines.


If you're involved in manufacturing or packaging, you know that implementing and maintaining a robotic automation solution is no small task. Well, Omron just made it easier! Their fully-integrated Robotic Automation Solution combines robotics with motion control, vision and safety all in one complete package. Click on the button below to check out their video release.


Using lean principles in manufacturing is an important element when trying to reduce waste, control costs and ensure timely deliveries to customers. However, this concept of trimming back unnecessary work and reaping the production benefits can also be applied at an individual level in production lines or assembly rooms.  Click on the button below to read the entire article featured in Industry Today magazine.


Whether you need to completely filter or top off the lubricant in your asset, the Mobile Utility Cart provides a one-trip solution to speed up lubrication-related tasks. With the ability to deliver multiple oil types to multiple assets, it’s like a portable filtration system, transfer container, and lube room all rolled into one!