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A provider of ultra pure heating solutions was developing a microbiology media preparation system for food manufacturing QA/QC labs to conduct Pathogen testing for E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. The system needed to provide +/-2% of dispense volume accuracy (ISO 6887), weight accuracy of <1%, temperature accuracy of <2%, and traceability. Click on the 'read more' button below to learn about the control system provided by Valin.


Pneumatic actuators have been a staple in the packaging industry due to their low-cost and were commonly used as the main energy source within a valve package. As alternative energy sources have been introduced over time, there are fewer pneumatic actuators operating in the world. One of these alternative sources is an electric actuator. Because electromechanical actuators are more energy-efficient than those using compressed air, electric actuators have become an attractive alternative to pneumatics.


Parker's 17R Series Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve offers extremely high cycle life and provides positive shut off for high-flow bulk delivery and specialty gas systems. It can be manually or air-operated and is designed for use in ultra-high purity semiconductor manufacturing applications where reliability and cleanliness are critical.


Connect with the Walchem W900 Series controllers and enjoy unparalleled versatality in maintaining your water treatment options. Includes a Modbus option for connecting to distributed control systems, easily add more capability with I/O cards, and eight different relay combination choices to meet any need. Access the controller from anywhere in the plant, or anywhere in the world.